10,00 sq foot, bright, clean, spacious facility conveniently located on rt. 139 in Marshfield

Certified and experienced personal trainers that create a personalized program for each member to set them up on the right track for success.

Evolution uses the Train4Life nutrition program, so that each member has access to a scientifically backed program.

Welcome to Evolution Fitness

GET THE RESULTS YOU WANTWelcome to Evolution Fitness home of the TRAIN4LIFE program.  To access your train4life menu and workout of the day just click the “train4life” icon in the upper right hand corner.  To get started on your new healthy lifestyle call 781-837-2111 now!


The Evolution Fitness concept has been developing through permanently changing our members lifestyles, and inspiring them to keep striving to always reach their next level of fitness.  Evolution Fitness first opened in 2006.  Since then Evolution has then grown from a small training studio, to a 10,000 square foot facility with a wide variety of trainers, equipment, and virtual nutrition and workout guidance.

Evolution Fitness is a customer service based gym.  We offer a fitness evaluation, which consists of body fat percentage, hydration, movement screening, and basic fitness testing.  This gives all of our clients a starting point so they can see their progress as they become healthier.

Along with a fitness evaluation we put all of our members on a program specifically designed for each individual’s unique needs for their body type and fitness goal.  This program is written and explained to each member one on one by one of our certified and experienced trainers.



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